To bring a voice to untold stories with a focus on exploring Asian-American identities through film.



For the past 15 years, James Sereno has run Kinetic Productions, a production firm that has changed the face of advertising and broadcast production in the state of Hawaii, and is the head of Kinetic Films, a film production company focused on local stories and diverse narratives. Sereno grew up in Hawaii and attended the University of Southern California Film School, graduating with a degree in Cinematic Arts. After graduation, Sereno worked in development at Disney Studios and Columbia Pictures; going on to join Team-One Advertising where he produced commercials for Lexus and America West Airlines, winning a coveted Cannes Bronze Lion in the process. After several years of working on the mainland, he decided to return back to the islands to form his own production company.

Sereno’s work in narrative film was showcased in Ebert’s Ebertfest and the Hawaii International Film Festival. His first work, a short film entitled, "Silent Years," won a myriad of awards including first runner up at the exalted British Academy Awards, LA (BAFTA/LA). He also directed and produced the feature film, Paradise Broken (2011), a gritty drama about the underbelly of Waikiki; and produced the feature film, Hang Loose (2012), a coming-of-age comedy; both of which were nominated for Best Film at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. His most recent film, Man Up (2015), starred prominent YouTube star, Kevin Wu (KevJumba), and Justin Chon, who appeared in both Twilight and 21 and Over, and was distributed by Lakeshore Entertainment.

Sereno is committed to fostering and supporting Hawaii’s diverse ethnic communities in his work, both commercial and film. He hopes to encourage Hollywood to branch out from traditional narratives and to showcase Hawaii as an epicenter of cinematic storytelling.



With a career spanning over two and a half decades, DANTE BASCO is one of those Hollywood actors who has become a cult classic and pioneering figure. He was first introduced in Steve Spielberg's fairytale movie Hook, as "Rufio", the leader of the Lost Boys.

Recently Dante starred in Newline's Take the Lead, opposite Antonio Banderas. His flair for dance helped him lock this role down. He is also Disney's animation series American Dragon: Jake Long as well as Prince Zuko in Nickelodeon's phenomenal hit, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not only is Dante an actor of many talents, but also a producer for Kinetic Films. He starred and produced two of Kinetic's feature films, "Paradise Broken" and "Hang Loose".


Associate Producer

Kylie Courtney is currently an associate producer for Kinetic Films while also a Masters Candidate in the Politics and Communication Program at the London School of Economic and Political Science. After she completes her Masters Degree she hopes to work full time in the media industries.

Courtney grew up in the Philippines and Hawaii, completing most of her education at Punahou School. Upon graduating, she attended the University of St Andrews, completing her First Class Degree in Film and International Relations. Throughout her studies, she worked with a variety of institutions primarily researching and writing reports on current events on political, economic, and cultural issues.

She worked with Kinetic Films this past summer where she continued to learn producing skills and expanded her practical knowledge of film production. Her Masters program will finish in September 2017, after which her goal is to hone her skills as a producer.


Production Associate

A man of many hats both literally and figuratively, Zachary Tom is the newest addition to the Kinetic crew.

Zachary looks forward to gaining knowledge and experience in the crazy and thrilling world that is production.

Man Up


It's summer and 19 year old Martin is looking forward to chilling with his girlfriend Madison who is now out of high school. But Madison has other plans. After dropping the bomb on Martin with the news that she is pregnant, she decides to skip town to focus on her future apart from Martin who is nothing but an ambition‐less lazy bum.

With Madison gone, Martin has nowhere to turn. He gets kicked out of the house for getting his girlfriend pregnant on top of being a slacker with no job who has been avoiding college for over a year. He is forced to crash with his goofball best friend Randall who was recently abandoned by his mom and left to fend for himself. All alone in the world, Martin and Randall must put their dull-­witted heads together and figure out for themselves what it means to be a man.

Hang Loose


Kevin must go to Hawaii to attend the wedding of his big sister. The day before the wedding he goes on a misadventure with his future brother-in-law and his crazy groomsmen that changes his life.

Paradise Broken


Ray and Misha's one bedroom apartment, only a half-­a-mile from Waikiki Beach, feels a world away from the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of Honolulu. As the sun sets and the sightseers retire for the evening, Ray, a small-­time drug dealer, and Misha, a hula-­dancing prostitute, work the back alleys of Waikiki, trying to scrape a living from tourist crumbs. When the couple splits after a blow out, regretful Ray searches for a pregnant Misha while she, alone now, must face off against forces that wish to possess her - ­her abusive father and a kingpin pimp of Waikiki.

Can Ray and Misha reunite and rise above the powers that fight to bring them down? Or was their split the only chance they had to survive the brutal world of back alley violence and addiction tucked away from the pristine beaches of Hawaii? Broke is the Hawaii unseen. It's about what goes on in this paradise city after the lights go out.



6B is the anthology feature film of five Hawaii filmmakers. Each of the four stories revolve around rooms with the number 6B and the film examines the darker side of island life: a man struggling with dru addiction has a revelation about his identity; an ex-­con must enter an underground poker game to reunite with his daughter; a young woman befriends her neighbor, a former hit man; and a local family deals with an impending tsunami. 6B features an all-­Hawaii cast, crew, and production.